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White Oak Personal Cocktail Smokers RTS

White Oak Personal Cocktail Smokers RTS

$15.00 USD

Handcrafted white oak cocktail smoker with filter and bag of white oak shavings. Handcrafted to make your cocktails have the warm smoke flavor you enjoy. Works excellent for Margaritas and Whiskeys. Chips are also of white oak, the same type of wood that the aging barrels of whisky are made of to not muddle the flavor.
5 unpersonalized available (personalization can be added for $3. 4 Personalized samples shown in picture are also for sale. Contact us to purchase.

These are completed and Ready to Ship and cannot be customized.

Woodworking products are all handmade so the product you receive may have slight variations to the item in the picture. Woodworking items can be custom ordered. Contact us for details and with any questions.

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