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Custom Stove Cover Tray/Noodle Board

Custom Stove Cover Tray/Noodle Board

$75.00 USD

Stove Cover Trays or Noodle Boards are meant to fit on top of your stove. There are at least 5 different sizes of stoves and even more cooktop sizes in the US so each unit is built custom to fit your stove and kitchen. All items come with flat feet to protect your stove or counters from scuffs.

Please include width and height measurements for the part of your stove you would like the stove cover tray to sit on top of. You can choose from multiple stain or paint colors as well as designs and handles. This will be agreed upon before work is started.

Woodworking products are all handmade so the product you receive may have slight variations to the item in the picture. Woodworking items can be custom ordered. Contact us for details and with any questions.

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